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Jessica Cotton, Partner and Cofounder of Pagolocal

She is all about growing pagolocal’s collective global community. Working with ‘for-purpose’ organizations Jess has over 10 years experience working with grass-root & global scale initiatives. An avid interest in sharing simple, technology driven tools for transformation to the everyman and their task force. "Lets over come common challenges and change the narrative with technology; transform, connect and sharpen minds to begin a global shift.” Jess has a Marketing Degree from the University of Arts London, specializing in cause related marketing - passion for positive change is the driver and trigger on a daily basis!

"My first hustle was pulling pints in Eastend London Pub at the age of 17." -Jess

Kim Hoedeman, Partner and Cofounder of Pagolocal

Dutch born, English educated and US based. With 20 years of tech, marketing, creative related experience, Kim jumped into social enterprise business with full enthusiasm to solve the challenge of being paid as global citizen. Pagolocal does exactly that; eradicating the need for "godaddy + payment code + quick books = url with transaction features. For the every man to be paid, seamlessly and immediately. Opening offices in New Orleans, London, Amsterdam and Puerto Vallerta in 2017. Obsessed with win, win economies.

"My first side hustle was selling wild flower bouquets door-to-door with my brother in Amsterdam at the age of 10." -Kim

Jeff Semones, Advisor of Pagolocal

Jeff Semones started his career in the music industry working for Capitol Records during college. After sharpening his recruitment talents as an A&R rep for Capitol, Jeff went solo as an independent concert promoter in the Midwest directing all artist bookings, show promotions, and concert production. In 1996, Jeff migrated west to Los Angeles joining the ranks in the Contemporary Music Department of the William Morris Agency through their Agent Trainee program. Realizing the potential of the emerging internet revolution, Jeff decided to take full advantage of this extensive new word-of-mouth market in 1999 by co-launching the online marketing company, M80. His new company quickly became a leading social media marketing agency whose exciting and diverse client roster now includes AT&T, Bayer, Paramount, CVS, X-Prize Foundation, HSBC, Marriott and other Fortune 500 companies. Now highly regarded as an early digital marketing innovator, M80 seems to have reached its mission to enhance the validity and reveal the massive value of what we refer to as social media. Jeff is partner at Mediacom; now a part of the WPP Group.
After divulging himself in the virtual market for many years, Jeff co-founded his second technology-based firm, Benevolent Enablers, in 2014. By aligning with the shift to the instant-gratification society we’ve become, Jeff may have once again found a newly opened niche and is determined to use it to better his fellow man. His infatuation with creating an amalgam of entertainment, technology, and human interaction is what has made Jeff successful and what keeps him just as passionate about his work today as it did 20 years ago.

Brandon Dobell, Advisor of Pagolocal

Mr. Dobell of William Blair is a decorated financial expert who specializes in the energy, information, marketing, real estate, education services, and technology industries. His work experience includes leading global services research for Credit Suisse, and equity research at Bank of America Securities. In 2015, thanks to his coverage of real estate management and development, Brandon was named the 2nd overall stock picker in the StarMine Analyst Awards. Brandon has an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

Rafael Mudafort, Engineer at Pagolocal

A highly educated man, Rafael Mudafort earned his bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2010 and then went on to receive his master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from University of Virginia. Starting his career off at Piper Aircraft designing structural flight test equipment, Rafael soon moved on AeroDynamic Solutions Inc working remotely as a computational fluid dynamics developer and analyst. In January 2016, Rafael accepted a software engineering positon with Barrett Conrad at CotingaSoft. Hungry and determined, Rafael is always looking for new opportunities and new personal challenges to conquer. Team work is something he emphasizes in the work place and realizes how small a project can become when everyone comes together to complete the task at hand. Don’t let this work horse’s resume fool you; Rafael has managed to stay well rounded. His experiences include camping on a farm for a month and cycling the California coast and is not afraid to dive into new encounters.

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