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About Pagolocal

Pagolocal makes every man ready to receive payment. No cash? No problem! We are a social enterprise dedicated to serve the Hispanic community in the United States. Our values are focused on digital equality, radical transparency and fueling the power of nowness.

Pagolocal is registered as Pagolocal US LLC headquartered out of New Orleans, Lousiana because the government is cool about taxes for tech companies.

Digital Equality

Pagolocal is super easy to use. You can set up your own pagolocal account in 4 minutes and get paid. Pagolocal serves everyone who is over 18 with a bank account, Facebook account, and social security number.

Radically Transparent

Pagolocal charges 1% for our services. Our partner, Wepay charges an average of 2.9% plus $0.30. This is a total of 3.9%. We encourage our customers to pass these costs into your bill to the customers for the ease of use. For example, add $4 dollars on a $100 payment for credit card payments and deduct $4 for cash payments.

What do you get?

Pagolocal creates a dedicated web link to charge your friends, collegues and customers via debit or credit card from anywhere in the world – straight into your own bank account. No need to buy a website, no need to buy a swipe device and no need to pay web developers. No monthly fees.

Power of Now

Pagolocal lives and breathes so you can get paid from anyone, anytime from anywhere. We are global citizens like our customers. Our hearts know no borders.

It's time to Get Paid!

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